5 May 2012. Oh, Deer

This morning I was glad I remembered to a sweater–it was chilly and slightly misty.

All over the neighborhood were large, lightly fragrant, tender-petaled irises and peonies in a rainbow of colors.

This morning’s sunrise was more understated than yesterday’s.  The dawn is never disappointing, but it set me up to be surprised by the next colorful one. 

Tried again to get a good shot of blackberry flowers.  Here is my bike with a foil of them.

The numerous male red-winged blackbirds were making their Star Trek (first three notes from the beginning of the show, original series) calls and showing off their flashy red and yellow epaulets.  They looked especially handsome near the still-increasingly abundant spiderwort blossoms. 

Was greeted by a small herd of deer by the northeast corner of the park.  They were pretty bold for wild animals, but I don’t think they like being stared at by people, with or without cameras, the way predators do.  After a while it was too much for them,  and they fled southward with their tails up. 

At the bridge by the play structure, did another frog check and couldn’t resist getting a shot of this one.

The model for Bhekasana

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