3 May 2012. Into the Wind and Back

Fighting the wind on the way out.

Mid-afternoon ride–headed into the south wind.  The day was rather suddenly in the 80s, and the sky was starting to gather clouds.

Rode to the southwest edge of Meadowbrook and stopped to look down from the bridge.  I must admit that I can be a nature snob and not pay attention to critters like the lowly, common, pesky gray squirrel, but even they do interesting things if one stops to look, as in this photo.

There were two squirrels. This is the second one.

Been watching the patch of iris leaves in the wet area near the path a ways to the east of the bridge: today there was visible at least one flower bud.

I wonder if there will be a lot of flowers this year.

The spiderworts were mostly closed, as they do by afternoon.

Near the observation platform, a tree swallow sat on top of a nest box.

Presumably it’s nesting in this box.

Out in the country,  a meadowlark on the utility line wouldn’t sit for a portrait.

Rode and rode, fighting the wind on the way out.  There were actually a couple of hills!  Turned back at a place where a lot of red-winged blackbirds were hanging out; they burst into the sky when I passed.  The ride back, with that lovely tail wind, was easy!  Stopped to pick up a few groceries at the store on the way home.


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